Thursday, December 10, 2009

'Tis the season for student PSAs

The most-famous Canadian PSA ever. Love that flute!

In the first advertising class of the year, we agree that traditional advertising is usually paid for.

There are exceptions, however, like Public Service Announcements, often considered to be "the angels of advertising" for raising important issues, educating people about stuff they should know (like "the beaver," above!), and calling attention to worthwhile causes.

In most cases, PSAs are run by media outlets pro bono; however, advertisers love 'em because you can often get celebrities who would normally command a truckload of cash to do a PSA for free, because they believe in the cause:

Student work

Have a listen to some fine PSA work by a sampling of ad majors; the students wrote the ads in my advertising class and produced them in Cathy Hanson's radio class. Thanks to Cathy for the files!

Just click on the link, and select "play" or "download:"


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  2. Oops, made a typo!

    Wht I said was these are great sounding spots. St. Boniface Hospital is one of my clients and I think they would really like Melanie's spot!


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