Monday, December 7, 2009

Ad majors pitch, plan, and promote to perfection

Hilary Druxman (left) and Tracey Young.

An ad major's work is never done.

One week after pitching their ideas to Agape Table at ad agency McKim Cringan George, they were back at it today, pitching even more of 'em to this semester's major client, Hilary Druxman.

After reviewing everyone's campaign books in advance, Druxman and business manager, Tracey Young, selected five campaigns to see presented today, and the students - Jason Booth, Daria Lysenko, Lisa Rowson, Kerilee Raven (pictured below), and Jarrett Moffatt - impressed with their creativity and professionalism, in their books and presentations.

See the presentation, read the book

The campaign plansbooks were particularly great this year, as evidenced below by Jarrett Moffatt's effort, which Druxman and Young praised for not only being extremely creative, but also on strategy and budget.

Check it out!

From the boardroom to the garage

If that's not enough - and don't you think it oughtta be? - the ad majors then ran a fundraising garage sale for the rest of the day.

Kiirsten May guarding a table of valuable items from the Larsen Mint.

And on the seventh day, they rested.


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