Monday, December 7, 2009

Giant cigarette christens new RRC Culinary Arts building

Who needs the Golden Boy when you've got the giant Torch of Freedom?

In a tribute to the very thing that drives food-preparation and service jobs across the restaurant industry, RRC has erected a giant cigarette butt on the future site of its Culinary Arts program as a beacon of hope to future restaurant employees everywhere.

You can stop to marvel at the giant butt at the Union Bank Tower, William and King. Admission free, ample parking, refreshments served, kids smoke free.


  1. I thought that looked like a giant cigarette too and pointed it out to sarah and we both called it "the extreme death stick" lol.

  2. If that's a cigarette, it's definitely a limp one!

  3. That's hilarious! It must be only if you look at it at a certain angle. I walk past that building every day and I never noticed that the garbage chute looks like a cigarette!


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