Saturday, December 26, 2009

Remember Marshall, the apostle of hustle, on Boxing Day

One of my favorite clips from Mr. Show, the Marshall of sketch-comedy shows.

Feel a little guilty going purchase-crazy on Boxing Day? Well, what if I told you that the meek could inherit something a whole lot better than the Earth!?

'Tis the day to remember the overlooked 13th apostle, Marshall - the apostle of hustle, and top pitchman in Galilee, as he's seen here on the second episode of Mr. Show, one of the best and equally overlooked sketch-comedy shows of all time.


How could I have forgotten Elvis Costello's great tribute to Boxing Day? TKO!

Thanks to Kevin to reminding me with this post.


  1. Mr.Show is on par with Monty Python's Flying Circus as the best sketch comedy show of all time.

    It's because of Mr.Show that I learned Santa Clause is also the Ratings Man.


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