Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ten things that crossed my mind at tonight's AC/DC concert

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1. Winnipeggers won't pay $5 to park downtown, but they will pay $15 for plastic devil horns that light up.

2. Opening band "The Answer" is the answer to a question that nobody asked.

3. A old man dressed in a schoolboy costume is creepy. An old man stripping out of a schoolboy costume is even creepier.

4. Who gave Gollum a guitar?

5. Why salute those about to rock? They may wimp out and not rock. It's much better to salute those who are already rocking, so your salute doesn't go to waste.

6. Every song can and should end with a raging guitar solo.

7. Has AC/DC churned out more ingenious guitar riffs than any other band, or has it just written one ingenious guitar riff and cleverly disguised it over and over and over?

8. What do you do with a three-storey blow-up doll when the tour is over? Scratch that: I don't want to know.

9. This song reminds me: I would really like to visit Hell on my next vacation.

10. Am I the only one who sees an evil face in the clouds? Because I see an evil face in the clouds.


  1. Way to flex the comedic muscle, Kenton, as well as pointing out some rather insightful social commentary.

    Winnipeggers are an odd bunch. I'm guessing the vendor picked those up at Dollarama and made a killer profit margin too.

    At least he wasn't in a naughty schoolgirl costume. That would be a whole other level of creepy.

    It's easier for the band to salute those about to rock because it's hard to salute and play an instrument. Unless it's a different kind of salute...

    Every song should also begin with a raging guitar solo.

    If Monet could paint haystacks over and over and somehow make it work, AC/DC can recycle riffs too.

    The evil face knows what you were doing Kenton and doesn't approve. Better sleep with one eye open.

  2. That evil face haunts my dreams.

    There was an incredible number of devil horns sold last night: thousands, to be sure.

    Raging guitar solos never go out of style!


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