Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pix from the big CreComm trip to Chicago - Day 1

We ran into the newly re-elected Prime Minister of Canada at the Mall of America. He was pretty drunk, so we got the hell out of there. 

I stopped to take a picture of a giant bull running rampant at Best Buy. Fear not, animal lovers: some Navy Seals showed up in a Black Hawk helicopter, killed and buried him at sea.

We reflected on the incredible skyline of Chicago - for six hours, until traffic finally cleared.

I found this super-cool box made out of an old book - the perfect use for all of the hardcovers that have been replaced by ebooks, and for people who need to hide their drugs from people who hate reading.

We bought books that were inexplicably on sale at steep discounts.

And we hung out at the lovely Newberry Library, shortly before consuming our weight in ribs at Carson's

And then we slept the sleep of the just (arrived in Chicago).  And then I woke up again and corrected the spelling of Newberry. And then I went back to the sleep of the justly corrected.

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