Monday, May 9, 2011

GolinHarris' checklist for potential employees and interns

One of the best things we did on the CreComm Chicago trip was visit global PR agency GolinHarris.

On our visit, recent hires Alyssa Bronikowski and Alexandra Kassel (pictured above) gave us the grand tour and a seminar about all things GolinHarris, including this list of the character traits that the firm looks for in new hires:
  • Passionate
  • Organized
  • The ability to research
  • A desire to "jump onboard" and "make things happen"
  • A person who can really write, as evidenced in his or her blog or journal
  • A person active in the industry with an awareness of how it works
Simple! And Canadian interns are welcome.

Thanks to GolinHarris for having us and to Alyssa and Alexandra for the great seminar - and my brand-spankin' new McDonald's shirt, which I haven't removed since last week, even to shower.

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