Sunday, May 15, 2011

Great Web tools all the cool kids are usin'

As recommended to me by students, instructors, and guest speakers this semester:

1. Prezi

3D PowerPoint - just like the Na'vi use for their presentations on the great planet of Pandora.

2. LinkedIn

Almost everyone has it, but if you don't: now is the time to sign up for the Facebook of the shirt-and-tie set and those who would join them.

3. Lanyard, Meetup, DemoCamp, and An Event Apart

Conference and meetup websites - and the perfect excuse to get work to pay for a vacation.

4. Edutopia

A cool website about the state of young peoples' education in the U.S. and how digital media might be able to help improve things - bankrolled by George Lucas himself. The focus is on "the kids," but the lessons are applicable at the college level.

5. CultureWorks, Krop, 37signals, and IxDA

Creative job sites, most of which skew to the U.S. job market (CultureWorks is Canadian). Still, a worthwhile way to spend time looking around to get a fix on the North American job market.

6. Dribble and Behance

Show off your art and creative work here.

7. TuneCore

Sell your music, keep your rights, earn your royalties. A worthy and more lucrative alternative to selling your stuff on iTunes?

8. CRA

More people than ever asked me these questions this year:
  • "How do you start a business?"
  • "How do you start a non-profit?"
  • "What's the difference between a non-profit and a charity?"
Only the Canada Revenue Agency knows for sure. Check in online or stop by the agency's office on Broadway (and enjoy lunch at the nearby Don Deli when you're done).

9. Zite (iPad app)

A personalized magazine for the iPad - the app syncs with Twitter, Delicious, and Google Reader and then suggests what you'd like to read based on your interests. And it works!

10. Vimeo

A more flexible YouTube for creative people - in app and Web formats.

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