Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ten things that crossed my mind at last night's Pixies show

Cough, cough.

1. Where is them Pixies?

2. I can't enjoy this music without knowing that Katie Couric has found gainful employment.

3. I feel a great disturbance in The Force; as though Montreal has been eliminated from the playoffs or Alderaan has exploded or something.

4. How does one exactly grow up to be a debaser, Mr. Francis?

5. I wonder what Seacrest and Probst are up to right now on Idol and Survivor. Seriously: those two don't get paid enough. Am I right, people?

6. That Black Francis sure knows how to have an ironic (not to be confused with actual) good time!

7. Yay: more B-sides!

8. Which monkey has gone to heaven? I don't see a monkey. Do you see a monkey?

9. Someone remind Kim Deal that the Pixies have played Winnipeg before.

10. I smell reefer. Stop the concert!


  1. how about "wow, if Frank Black grew a Kim Deal haircut they would look fairly similar. Even the cup size."

  2. They sound a helluva lot alike too. Weird.


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