Friday, May 6, 2011

CreComm trip Chicago pix - Day 4

Just as it does every year, the CreComm Chicago trip feels like it's over before it even began.

Tomorrow, we begin our long journey back to a horrible place called, "The Mall of America." Shudder.

Highlights of the last day:

Your Wrigley Building (left) is in my Chicago Tribune (right). Your Chicago Tribune (right) is in my Wrigley Building (left). Hey, they taste great together!

We visited PR firm Golin Harris and its staff impressed us with their awesomeness. Watch this space for a future blog post, re: what the firm looks for when it's hiring staff and interns.

I won this kick-ass T-shirt at Golin Harris for knowing who Ray Kroc is. Tomorrow: I will begin wearing it wherever I go and bragging even more than I already do.

A lovely walk through the ruins of the American financial system.

Lunch at Petterino's, dessert at Mario's Italian Lemonade (above), dinner at Timothy O'Toole's. I'm not hungry anymore.

Went into NBC's Education Nation mobile home and came out all edumacated.

Around the bend, beside yourself, Next to Normal. A musical about me!

Goodbye, Chicago, we hardly knew ye.

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