Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Is the iPad the future of music?

The Alesis iO Dock Pro Audio Dock for the iPad Dock Dock.

Stop using your iPad as a weapon, Pat Benatar.

While the Vancouver Canadiens were busy winning the Heisman Trophy or something yesterday, I had the good sense to attend New Media Manitoba's "iPad: the Future of Music?" seminar, attended by lots of other pale loners interested in learning about how to use their iPads as a musical instrument.

Taught by Andrew Yankiwski from Precursor Productions, a guy who clearly knows and loves audio as much as SCTV's Gerry Todd knows and loves video, the presentation covered a lot of technical ground. In other words: it was over my head.

However, I did get to learn about some insane iPad hardware add-ons coming soon (see the above video - wow!), not to mention Mr. Yankiwski's iPad app picks for the music maker, mixer, and master in you:

1. GarageBand

The default go-to studio app - and an insanely great drum set, guitar, and keyboard too - all for the low, low price of $5. Chump change.

2. Meteor Multitrack

Twelve tracks, a built-in mixer, and multi-effects processor: perfect for the composer and journalist in you. Journalist? "Meteor is ideal for creating musical compositions, and also a great tool for journalists...who need to splice and piece together voice notes, narration or dictation."

Remix that hard-hitting interview with Sam Katz today!

3. Korg iElectribe

Make music on a vintage analog synthesizer and beatbox - just like current hitmakers Human League, A-ha, and A Flock of Seagulls do! Cough, cough.

4. Korg iMS-20

A complete recreation of the legendary Korg MS-20 analog synth - including virtual patching! - plus an analog sequencer, a drum machine, and seven-channel mixer with 14 categories of effects.

5. ReBirth

Propellerhead's ReBirth brings the Roland TB-303 bass synth and the Roland TR-808 and 909 drum machines together in one, frightening interface that would make RRC tech guru John Pura cry. With delight!

6. FL Studio

The classic Windows studio app is coming soon to an iPad near you, as shown on this YouTube video.

7. AC-7 Core

Allows you to mix and fade and - oh, I don't know what the hell this app is for. If you do, I'm sure it will bring you hours of pleasure.

8. Omni TR

Omni Touch Remote Omni is designed for live, onstage performance or in the studio; a cool, remote control surface, but you also need to buy the Spectrasonics Omnisphere software synthesizer to use it. Keyboard solo!

9. TouchOSC

MIDI control? We have no problem.

TouchOSC supports sending and receiving open sound control messages over a Wi-Fi network, like Apple Logic Pro/Express, Renoise, Pure Data, Max/MSP/Jitter, Max for Live, OSCulator, VDMX, Resolume Avenue 3, Modul8, Plogue Bidule, Reaktor, Quartz Composer, Vixid VJX16-4, Supercollider, FAW Circle, vvvv, Derivative TouchDesigner, and Isadora. Whatever the hell they are.

Is the iPad the future of music? I'm full of bull. Ishness.

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  1. Ty uses something on my iPad for his VJ shows. I think it's Touch OSC? I'll have to ask him, but I know he really likes how you can create custom controls.

    I may be totally wrong on what it's called, though.


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