Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ten new words to help you lose friends and alienate people

See number seven, below.

Remember: some word inventors make as much as poets. Cough, cough.

1. AntiPaders - People who have never used an iPad, but believe they hate it anyway. 

2. Brand journalism - The creation of worthwhile Web content that positions your product or brand as one worthy of attention and business.

3. DemoGeoPsycho - A person crazy for target audiences. 

4. Dutilicious - Loving what you've been hired to do.

5. Empty figurehead - A dumb person with an important title and few duties.

6. Full-figurehead - A person with ample proportions, an important title, and few duties.

7. I Can't Believe it's Not Sluttier - The obvious name they're not using for the butter campaign, above.

8. The phone screen - The new job interview stage in which, after they read your resume and before you get an interview, they call you to make sure you're not a freak with a good resume.

9. Pixel pusher - The digital equivalent of pencil pusher: a person who does boring work on a computer.

10. So-Ho - Social hour at work, as defined on our great tour at GolinHarris, Chicago.


  1. Oh c'mon, AntiPaders is pretty clever. I imagine if it were an animal it would look like an elk.

  2. #7 is for sure my favorite! haha.


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