Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ten things that crossed my mind at the Cars' reunion show in Minneapolis

1. Who's gonna drive me home tonight?

2. It's great to see Ric Ocasek back together with whoever these other guys are.

3. I wonder if fans line up after the show to give them lube jobs?

4. It's nice that Rogers cares enough about me to ensure it only costs $45 each time I tweet from the U.S.

5. This concert is almost as fun as listening to Jason Beck play the new Cars album on repeat from Winnipeg to Minneapolis and back.

6. With the price of gas these days, the Cars should be paying me to see them - am I right, people?

7. It's hard to enjoy this concert knowing that the Terminator cheated on Skeletor.

8. Which one is voiced by Owen Wilson?

9. Some people walked and took buses to the concert. Ironic.

10. If Ric Ocasek had white hair, he'd look exactly like a Q-Tip.

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