Thursday, May 19, 2011

Take a ride on the absentee-o-matic!


I missed class because (mix and match as needed):
Another assignment
New condition
Ongoing condition
Job interview
Had to work on other stuff
Slept in
Mysterious illness
Personal matter
Women's issue
Men's issue
Car trouble
No explanation
Writing a Projector article
Hosting a show on KICK-FM
Roommate issues
Family issues
Pet issues
Alarm didn't go off
Class? What class?

Now that I'm back (mix and match as needed):
Did I miss anything important?
Where can I get the assignment you handed back?
Are you mad that I missed?
What's the due date of the assignment I missed?
Can I have my course outlines again?
Can you explain to me what I missed?
Why did I get this mark?
Am I failing?
Assignment? What assignment?
Here's a generic doctor's note.

Now that I've finally graduated (only one option):
Will you be my reference?

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