Saturday, August 21, 2010

Should education and storytelling be a game?

Two, fascinating TEDTalks videos involving technology and education:

1. The game layer on top of the world.

In the video below, Seth Priebatsch talks about game-oriented stuff you can use to influence behavior.

Should you be able to "level up" in school? Priebatsch says "yes" and applies the framework of "social gaming" to real life:
  1. The appointment dynamic - where happy hour meets Farmville.
  2. The influence and status dynamic - I want a black credit card and an A+.
  3. The progression dynamic - why do I only have 80 per cent on LinkedIn?!
  4. The communal discovery dynamic - working together with Digg and McDonald's.

2. Demonstrating Milo, the virtual boy.

In this video, Peter Molyneux demonstrates Milo, the virtual boy, in terms of gaming, solving the problem of storytelling, and creating a character that seems alive, notices you, looks you in the eye, and feels real. Real creepy!

Prediction: in the near future, I'll be teaching virtual kids how to level up in advertising class.

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