Monday, August 23, 2010

How are you consuming your video?

Look away from that screen for a minute to look at this one.

Today's required reading is the Nielsen Global Video Report on How People Watch (embedded, below).

Highlights from the report:
  • Multiple platforms are a global phenomenon.
  • Asia-Pacific consumers are leading the rest of the world in online and mobile consumption. But don't assume that "market lag will buy (your business) time."
  • Cutting-edge technologies - like iPad and 3DTV - are important to affluent early adopters. Their influence on consumption of cross-platform video "should not be overstated."
  • HDTV adoption is highest among older consumers who live in North America.
  • 70 per cent of online consumers watch online video (surprise: mostly at work!), but North Americans and Europeans lag in adoption.
  • Tablets (iPads, etc.) and 3DTV are catching on to the tune of 11 and 12 per cent of global online consumers, respectively, who have one or plan to buy one.
  • TV with Internet connections are becoming more available and in demand.
Global Video Report How People Watch

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