Monday, August 23, 2010

Eleven words I've invented, unless someone else has

I remember the first time I heard the word "frenemy."

The word had a nice ring to it the first time I said it out loud, so I started using it 5,000 times a day - much in the way the Kids in the Hall's "ascertain guy" used his favorite word:

So when my fellow Red River College employees started lodging complaints alleging cruel and unusual punishment, I knew it was time to make up some new words myself.

I can only hope that one of these has the cache of fren- er...the word that shall not speak its name!
  • Cemetrees - Scary, leafless trees, like the ones you see in cemeteries on Halloween.
  • Crapp - An app that crashes.
  • Drool pool - The liquid you wake up in when you fall asleep with your head on a desk.
  • Evilution - The theory that those who are at first nice to you will, over time, morph into hideous bastards.
  • Exclamaddict - Anyone like me!!!!!!
  • Flustrated - Frustrated and flustered.
  • FoMofo - A phony - or faux - mofo.
  • Hippocritter - 'Lil hypocrite.
  • Horribullish - Being positive that bad news is on the rise.
  • Semaforeign - A flag system used to speak with people from other countries.
  • Snoozepaper - A newspaper with stories you've already read online.


  1. I'm still given a hard time about a word I created when I was eleven: "unboneless", to describe chicken breasts on the bone.

    It's confusing but it works!

  2. That's a good one!

    A relative of mine used to ask to sit in the NUN-smoking section. I could never tell if it was bad pronunciation or complete lack of understanding that it's "non."

  3. I laughed reading these Kenton! I grew up thinking the word "floory" was real because my grandparents confused story and floor when they moved into an apartment in Canada.
    I also used the word "wething" instead of wedding as a child. I knew a wedding was about couples so I just assumed they meant it was a "we-thing" instead of just an "i-thing" or a "you-and-me-thing".
    Great post :)

  4. Thanks, Stacia - those are some great words!

  5. Portmanteaus are my favorite thing in the entire world!!!

    My personal favourite is "slore"... figure that one out!


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