Monday, June 29, 2009

"The weirdest news conference of all time"

And you thought Michael Jackson was weird.

Here is South Carolina governor (and potential presidential candidate no more) Mark Sanford's bizarre news conference in its entirety (the panel on ABC's This Week called it "the weirdest press conference ever") - where he attempts to explain why he lied about hiking on the Appalachian Trail and instead went to South America to visit "a dear friend."

In the clip, Sanford is painfully honest - just like the creepy dad in Happiness! Honesty is usually a good thing in PR - but he's also weird, weird, weird - which isn't as good a thing in PR.

He starts with rambling comments about making educational trips in his boyhood, goes into "God's law," apologizes to everyone for everything, and - eight minutes in - finally gets to what he was really doing... You can tell when the media expects the news by the sound of cameras clicking...

Key quote: "I would ask for y'alls...a zone of privacy."

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