Friday, June 12, 2009

The remaking of Pelham 123

*Spoiler alert* - maybe.

Today, the remake of the Taking of Pelham 123 arrived in theatres; I have no plan to see it, nor should you, if the Globe's review is at all accurate.

However, it reminds me that one of my favorite movie endings of all time is from the classic, 1974 film, starring Walter Matthau, Robert Shaw, and Martin Balsam. And, yep, that's Seinfeld's Jerry Stiller as the cop.

Throughout the film, Matthau talks to Shaw on a two-way radio, and hears a familiar sound in the background that bears fruit in the very last second of the film.

I have no idea if the new movie ends the same way, but - even if it does - there's no replacing Matthau's expression in the final shot.

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