Friday, May 1, 2009

Three things I have in common with Leonard Cohen

Saw Leonard Cohen last night at MTS Centre, and the man didn't disappoint: 25 songs and 100 encores (or so) over three hours. The one missing song: "Democracy," which, I guess, is what the song is all about.

It's also always fun to sing along with "the Future," the song that proves that anyone can sound good with strong background vocalists:

Leonard: When they said.

Background: They said.

Leonard: Repent.

Background: Repent.

Leonard: I wonder what they meant.

Three things I have in common with Leonard Cohen

As I watched the show last night, I was reminded that I have three things in common with Mr. Cohen (other than our great singing voices):

1. We're both born on Sept. 21.

2. We share the same middle name: "Norman."

3. We're both irresistible to women.

Update: from my father, Norman "Cohen" Larsen:

"In the last vinyl album by Cohen (live in Europe), I found articles and ticket stubs from Cohen's concerts we saw on June 24 and July 24, 1993. The ticket price: $97.50.

"Stephen Ostick gave him five stars in the Free Press of June 26/93, with this headline: "Cohen delivers songs of power - Marathon show sets new standards."

"The show was 105 minutes + three encores = 135 minutes. Last evening's concert was 195 minutes - less the break of about 20 minutes = 175 minutes! He's an iron man!

"I have another ticket stub for a Cohen concert dated "May 14", with no year. The ticket price: $19.50. "

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  1. That was a pretty awesome show, definitely enjoyed it.


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