Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How many people watch the local TV news?

In a city of nearly a million people, how many would you expect to watch the local news? According to the latest local news ratings, recently reported by BBM, the answer is "not many."

The results:
  • CTV Winnipeg continues to be the local news leader, but its numbers are down, as it drew an average audience of 126,700 during the spring ratings period. That's down from 165,800 last year.
  • CBC TV news is up to 43,600, an increase from 31,200 last year. Former CTV and Global TV viewers?
  • Global TV averages 28,500 viewers, compared to 38,800 last year.
The different takes on the ratings:

According to the Free Press, this makes CBC the "biggest winner."

According to CTV, it "remains #1."

Meanwhile, "Canwest Global Communications has been given another extension as it attempts to weather the economic downturn under a crippling debt load."


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