Monday, August 15, 2011

Ode to the Towne's cinema three

I think that I shall never see
A theatre lame as number three

Three whose tiny screen is prest
Against my eyes as though a test

Three that mocks my sense of worth:
Twice the price for half the mirth

Too high a cost at that deposit
To only quip, "Is this a closet?"

Three you've made many's fate
To look like cheapskates on a date

Oh fools why built you, number three
Twice as small as my TV?


  1. ah, but the memories, Larsen. The memories!

  2. I was hoping you'd see this. I've been saving up this picture of Stevens for ages.

  3. I believe Stevens' lawyers will be contacting you shortly regarding clearance payments.

  4. Where & when was Towne's Cinema 3?

  5. Then and now - downtown Winnipeg. Captain America is the current feature. Do not wait to see it on the small screen.

  6. I used to run the projectors there back in the early 2000's. If I remember, Cinema 3 only had about 90-100 seats because of the parking stalls and dumpster out back. I wonder if they still have the old natural gas popcorn machine upstairs?


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