Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Thirteen new words to the wise-ass

See number five.

1. Awarabouts - Having a vague sense you know where you are. "My awareabouts: Marylandish." See number 12.

2. Bandnesia - Going to see a live show and - in your excitement - later forgetting everything the band played.

3. Lameful - Lame and shameful. Like any song by the Black Eyed Peas.

4. Tune-a-Meld - Transferring all of your songs onto someone else's iPod.

5. Museums of Failure - Any library, centre, or museum with the words "George W. Bush" in the title.

6. OurPod - Sharing an iPod with someone else.

7. Sharity - "I've got something no one else has got, so now I'll make it available to everybody online, for free." From Simon Reynolds' great book, Retromania.

8. Skyrisers - High rises and skyscrapers: together at last.

9. Twibel - Libel on Twitter.

10. Twidiot - Idiot on Twitter.

11. Twilight - Using Twitter as a lamp. 

12. Unawareabouts - Not even vaguely knowing where you are. See number one.

13. Yesteryay - Your last hurrah. 

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