Thursday, August 4, 2011

Eleven great apps and websites to enhance your book-larnin'

1. VoiceThread
Post photos and comment on them - in text, video, or audio formats. The perfect activity for radio, TV, and photography classes - and just, plain fun.

2. AnswerGarden
What's the meaning of life? Post the question on AnswerGarden, and embed it on your blog, website, or social network - answers are displayed in a wordy cloud of goodness, as though from (insert religious figure here) him- or herself.

3. Wallwisher
Create a virtual wall for brainstorming and feedback; get a custom URL for your topic and share it with others to get a response.

4. Idea Flight
The iPad app that allows "the pilot" to control the screens of the "passengers'" multiple iPads. "Is everybody on the same page?" Yes, because you control it.

5. Edmodo
A site for secure classroom sharing and blogging, organizing course work, sharing files, conducting polls, and communicating - in online and app formats!

If you're in one of these classes, just click on the above link and use one of these codes to join the group and see this semester's course outlines.
  • Ad majors: 03fh0i
  • Ad (year one): tiqxk4
  • PR (year one): 2raj2c
  • Comedy Writing: hbiua1
  • Work Placement: vsvs0f
6. Marshmallow Challenge
How do you build the tallest freestanding structure using 20 sticks of spaghetti, a yard of tape and string, and one marshmallow? Through collaboration and teamwork. Or not.

7. Edutopia
The George Lucas educational foundation, where teachers, administrators, parents, and students talk about learning. A vast resource of great ideas. Makes up for Episode One.

A great, free site for simultaneous document editing and collaboration.

9. Google Docs for Educators
Like, this site allows you to collaboratively work on documents, view and respond to each other's work.

10. Glogster
Multimedia poster- and moodboard-maker - copy, images, graphics, links, video.

11. LiveBinders
Create online binders and combine your projects into a digital portfolio.

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  1. Great post Kenton!
    I think LiveBinders might change my life.


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