Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Let's get edumodocated!

Being referred to as "Mr.", 100 per cent battery, one connection. Priceless. 

Imagine how awesome Facebook would be if it was controlled by a teacher.

Wait - come back!

Edmodo is kind of like a Facebook for teachers and students - secure classroom sharing and blogging, organizing course work, sharing files, conducting polls, and communicating - in convenient online and app formats.

Let's give it a shot, shall we?

If you're in one of these classes - or you're just interested in seeing what we do in class - just click on this Edmodo link and use one of these codes to join the group and see (for starters) this semester's course outlines. I'll update the pages with take-home assignments and other stuff as we go along. 
  • Ad majors: 03fh0i
  • Ad (year one): tiqxk4
  • PR (year one): 2raj2c
  • Comedy Writing: hbiua1
  • Work Placement: vsvs0f
If the codes don't work, it could be an issue with 0 versus o. Just cut an paste the codes from this page, and it should solve the problem.

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