Thursday, August 25, 2011

The 20 greatest things I learned this summer

1. Apparently there's this bin Laden guy who's been involved with planning terror of some sort.

No shit.

2. Once you learn how to drywall, paint, and build a shed, it's hard to stop.

3. There's great crap under the porch:

4. If you wait long enough to buy Batman: Arkham Asylum, it only costs $10 and comes with free chocolate bars and AXE shampoo.

5. I can watch Colbert sing "Friday" over and over and over and never get sick of it. 

6. I can't decide who is more nemesis-worthy: Winnipeg Parking Authority or YouTube.

7. I can't believe I used to like True Blood.

8. I can't believe I still love Curb Your Enthusiasm.

9. I didn't know I loved the FIFA Women's World Cup.

10. Want comments on your blog? Knock the new Jets logo.

11. Best little concert: Men Without Hats at Casino Regina. Best big concert: Muse at Lollapalooza.

12. Greatest Star Wars moment I've never noticed before:

13. Harry Potter is better without the wand and with the tap shoes.

14. The most inexplicably popular station at the new Childrens' Museum:

Seventeen hours in, the kids had collected five fluff balls.

15. Least-promising fragrance.

16. Propaganda is art: see the posters at the Art Institute of Chicago.

17. America is down on his luck.

18. You may love the lake, but I'd rather polka with Bob the Builder.

19. My rug is worried about something:

20. There's a Kenton's Infotainment Scan figure available at EQ3.


  1. I knocked the new Jets logo in both my blog and my vlog. I also said that I didn't think they should've been called the Jets. I didn't get that many comments...

  2. I read that post! There are more haters around now. Ha, ha!


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