Monday, June 6, 2011

Ten things that crossed my mind at the Men Without Hats show at Casino Regina

1. He's wearing a hat - I want a refund.

2. I can dance if I want to. I can leave my friends behind. I choose option B.

3. Seriously - what's the deal with this perverted logo?

4. I can't enjoy this music knowing that just three feet away I could be having fun gambling away my life savings.

5. When are they going to play "Who Can it be Now?"

6. For the encore, I would like the lead singer to apologize for what his forefathers did to Louis Riel.

7. Where the hell are the milkmaid and the dwarf?

8. The name of the band is Men Without Hats - please put your pants back on, Jason.

9. I leave town for one day and 8,000 people pay a $50 non-refundable fee to be on a waiting list for a chance in four years to buy expensive tickets to see an unnamed hockey team?

10. I can't live with or without hats.

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  1. That is the old Regina logo. MCG developed a new one for them almost 2 years ago! I'm surprised they haven't incorporated it into their "city limits" sign. Didn't we turf "One Great City" within a week of coming up with "Heart of the Continent?"


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