Tuesday, September 7, 2010

You can't spell iPad without ad

So that's what happy students look like. Who knew?

Bring hither the iPads!

I got to play Santa and Scrooge today:
  • Scrooge, because I also gave out an assignment to go with it. I guess you gotta take the good with the bad, though, eh?
The ad majors will be working in conjunction with Diane Livingston's second-year Graphic Design students to conceive of and write, design, and publish an e-book as a download for the iBooks app, among others.

This semester, the ad majors will conceive of and write the e-book in teams of two, incorporating ads for its client this semester, Berns and Black Salon. Next semester, the Graphic Design students will design and publish the e-book using CS5.

Then maybe we'll have a fancy schmancy launch party. Errr...your invitation is in the snail mail.

I love you, PIF

I applied for the PIF grant last summer after I found out it existed to do the very things that I exist to do: to support technological innovation and continuous improvements in academic programming at RRC.

I also figured that it wouldn't hurt to show the world that RRC, Creative Communications, and Graphic Design aren't interested in spinning their wheels in the bygone days of the communications biz, but continue to "Keep reaching for the stars!"

Next year? I've got an awesome idea...stay tuned!


  1. As long as it doesn't come with the awesome black apple case that goes with the iPad then I won't be jealous. Oh wait, nevermind.

    I'm glad to see the product of all your hard work in nice little iPad case with the soft microfiber interior and reinforced panels to provide structure.

    You should win the Red River College Apple Instructor Award: a Macintosh computer from 1984, bronzed.

  2. They did get those lovely black Apple cases as well, but the credit for this must go for the good Deans who decide who get the Program Innovation Fund - and the nice people, like Meagan, who ordered them.

    I'm just the front man. Ha, ha!


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