Monday, September 13, 2010

Ad majors meet their major client: Berns and Black salon

The ad majors and Kitty Bernes (right), owner of Berns and Black Salon.

A little off the top of the semester.

The advertising majors and I met their major client today: Kitty Bernes of Berns and Black Salon on Main Street - Winnipeg's fresh, modern, eco-friendly, avant-garde salon.

The majors have about two months to put together individual ad campaigns and promotional recommendations for the salon, which includes creating the ads, writing and assembling campaign books, and presenting the recommendations in a boardroom-style pitch.

Located just a short walk away from Red River College's downtown campus in the beautifully renovated Birt Saddlery building, the salon has a service specifically for RRC students: its apprenticeship program, which allows "future professionals" to book haircuts and color with apprenticeship stylists for reduced prices.

I'll be posting some of the students' campaign and ad samples on this blog toward the end of the semester. Until I do, please enjoy their hip, new hairstyles, smooth skin, and fresh scents.

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