Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Eleven new words with which to pepper your speech

Eleven new words, no more promises.

Props to my peeps, word to my homies.

Here are 11, new words I've invented or stolen from other people. I've given credit for the words where I can remember who said them, and taken full credit for the words where I can't.

If I've somehow not given you credit, and you deserve it, send me an email for extra credit. I'll give you extra credit alright. With my fists!! Wah, wah, wah.

Eleven new words:
  • Coordinhater - one who hates project managers, or a nasty project manager.
  • Gratifaction - pure enjoyment: satisfaction meets gratifying. I believe this was invented by my friend, Tom Sawyer, who sang a song by the same name in the musical with Jodie Foster.
  • iPadvertising - the name for the Ad major this year, or: advertising on the iPad.
  • Irresistibullshit - stories that are too good to be true, but you believe them anyway.
  • Near-fetched - believable, as in the opposite of far-fetched.
  • Not-for-loss business - the other side of "not for profit." Duncan McMonagle: "Just because a business is not for profit doesn't mean it's for loss."
  • PRty - a PR party.
  • Shittaker - a bad Roger Whittaker concert or song. My former boss: "That Roger Whittaker concert last night was awful. It was Shittaker!"
  • Supermovie - an incredible movie, like the Water Horse. Invented by the Water Horse kid (at :44):

  • Tanterior - the inside of a cheap SUV, for instance. I thought that Michelle in class three said it during her presentation the other day, but no one else, including her, seemed to hear it. I give her credit nonetheless!
  • Trutal - the brutal truth. Example: "You're a skanky ho who needs to lose weight!!"

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