Thursday, February 19, 2009

'Tis the season for Independent Professional Projects

Breakfast Television's John Ljungberg interviews former Creative Communications students about their Independent Professional Projects.
(The sound kicks in about three seconds into the clip.)

Students enrolled in Creative Communications at Red River College in Winnipeg all cower in fear at the very mention of the letters "IPP." Or so the legend goes...

The Independent Professional Project consists of two full-credit courses in which students develop an original and meaningful piece of work that they propose, complete, and market in order to graduate from the Creative Communications program.

The project must:

• Be approved by a panel of instructors;
• Be developed with a specific client or market in mind;
• Demonstrate creative, technical, and/or analytical skills;
• Be substantial enough to justify the time allotted for the work.

For second-year students, the project ends in semester four - just around the corner - when they present the results of the project to an audience of instructors, classmates, guests, and the college community at large.

Attend this year's IPP event

This year's IPP event takes place at the Park Theatre, from Wednesday, March 11 to Friday, March 13. Everyone is invited to attend for free - the best deal in town.

Note that the above clip highlights the CBC's Ruth Shead and Global TV's Meera Bahadoosingh back when they were second-year CreComm students.

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