Thursday, February 5, 2009

Glory, thy name is caterpillar cake

This isn't exactly a food/recipe website, but there's a first time for everything, right? Right!

If there's one thing that's true in life, nothing makes a communications professional get weaker in the knees and happier than a cake "baked" in the fridge and decorated to look like a caterpillar.

One box instant pistachio pudding mix
One container Cool Whip, thawed
36 chocolate wafers (one box)
Two licorice strings

In small bowl, make pudding mix; let it stand for five minutes. Spread one tablespoon of pudding mixture onto each chocolate wafer. On a large piece of tin foil, stack frosted wafers to form one long roll.

Spread Cool Whip over the top and halfway down sides of the roll. Wrap the roll in foil; refrigerate three to four hours.

Remove from foil; place on serving plate. Patch up "bald spots" with more Cool Whip. Use licorice strings to form antennae. Cut into slices. Magically, the wafers have formed a tasty cake! Now eat that caterpillar - eat him, I tell you!

Serves 12 people with full stomachs or one very hungry communications professional. Only use this recipe for good, and never evil.

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