Monday, February 23, 2009

Batman, Rourke burn Larsen's Oscar picks

The results are in: I attained a whopping 72 per cent correct on my Oscar picks.

Why not 100 per cent? Mostly my blind allegiance to the Dark Knight and Mickey Rourke. Curse that great movie and equally great actor - they'll get theirs!

The ceremony wasn't my favorite of all time, but I watched it all anyway. Some notes:
  • It's now official: no one can still say, "That Sofia Loren sure looks great for her age.
  • Steve Martin is still funny. Now he should stop doing those crappy-arse films immediately.
  • Ben Stiller will regret that Joaquin Phoenix parody if they find Phoenix's corpse in a hotel room later this year.
  • I like the Japanese guy who ended his speech with "Domo arigato Mr. Roboto."
That's about it. The other good stuff is right here, courtesy of Tom Shales of the Washington Post.

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  1. I had a Sofia Loren nightmare the night of the ceremonies.


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