Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A salute to truth, justice, and the best Super Bowl ads of 2011

The game may be over, but the ads shall live in infamy. On YouTube.

The stadium has been vaccu-brushed, Jimmy Johnson has been hosed off, and the last of the facial blotters has been put away, so let's pause to remember the greatest football match in the history of mankind with a salute to America, the veterans, and this year's Super Bowl ads.


  1. I was about to scour the internet in search of Superbowl ads but now I don't have to.

    Kenton Larsen, you saved the day.

  2. That Chrysler ad is the best of the bunch by far. It hits every mark dead-on.

    Everyone is going nuts for the VW/Vader spot, but honestly I think it's just okay.

  3. I love the Vader spot! Liked most of them, though: there wasn't much to dislike.


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