Monday, February 21, 2011

11 new words to help you lose friends and alienate people!

1. Certifire - A person who investigates number eight on this list.

2. Copster - A mobster on the right side of the law.

3. Deflammatory - Toning down the rhetoric.

4. Farmiliar - Experience on the farm.

5. Joovie - A person under 18 who shoplifts DVDs.

6. Laffrica - What we'll call the continent once all of the dictatorships are gone.

7. The Middle Easy - What we'll call the region once all of the dictatorships are gone.

8. Mystifire - A mysterious fire, which needs to be investigated by number one on this list.

9. Non-startyr - A person who wants credit for "giving so much," but who is actually just doing what everyone else accepts as normal.

10. Recorder - The person who shows up at your event with a notepad, camera, or audio recorder, and asks you, "What's going on here?"

11. Stabbie - A taxi driver with a knife.


  1. Hmm. Good list, I will deliberate this throughout the time in which the sun parabolicaly arches in the sky before coming to my conclusion on the accuracy written within.

    Of a personal anecdote, when people gayly engage in conversation and as you well know my good friend, conversations in Winnipeg inevitably degrade into a contesting match of who-knows-who. For some peculiar reason I will never understand, when I mention Sir Kenton Larsen as a fine academic and quite magnanimous accomplice of mine, surely, the conversation abruptly ends.

    For heaven's sakes they even left the table without finishing their earl grey tea! It is as if they are positively scared of this magnificent fellow!

    It would seem I am also the last gentleman at this table. Did I say something to offend these young chaps?

  2. But, as you can imagine, the name Graham Hnatiuk doesn't open any doors for me at RRC - and yet I find you to be a fine and engaging fellow. What gives?


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