Friday, November 5, 2010

John Waters' 10 best quotes from his Winnipeg lecture

Filmmaker John Waters (Wikipedia): haunted and destroyed

1. "It's OK to be angry when you're young, but when you're full of anger at 60, people think you're an arsehole."

2. "Wouldn't your rather your child be a drug dealer than an addict?"

3. "All I ever wanted was the wrath of the Pope himself."

4. "My favorite porn-film title is, "My Ass is Haunted."

5. "I'm for giving out hairdo stamps to the poor."

6. "The best review I ever got was from the Ontario Censor Board. It was a receipt that said, "Destroyed."

7. "If you love your kids, you can put them in the fridge, and they'll still be fine."

8. "The poor kids who are adopted by wealthy actors have won the lottery. We should give Elton John a little gay child."

9. "I'm against the death penalty because I'm afraid I'll get it."

10. "Go to a thrift store, buy the worst clothes you can find, and wear them wherever you go. That's how you start a trend."


  1. In his book Shock Value, John Waters lists another favourite review of his which appeared in the Detroit Free Press: "Like a septic tank explosion, it has to be seen to be believed." (referring to Pink Flamingos)

  2. Ha, ha! Having seen that film, I concur.


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