Monday, November 22, 2010

14 new words you can't refudiate

If Sarah Palin can make up new words, so can I. And I did!

So, here are 14 more to add to the glorious nightmare that is "refudiate." As always, I've given credit for the words when I can remember who said them and taken full credit when I can't.


1. Charticle - a big chart, or a short article. 

2. Colliterate - a person who somehow makes it to college without learning how to read or write.

3. Double Downer - how you feel half an hour after eating a KFC Double Down.

4. Dyck - a Mennonite jerk.

5. Freedumb - your God-given right to be a bonehead.

6. Ghost post - posting online on behalf of someone else. Thanks to Tamara Bodi for the word!

7. Gossicrite - someone who gossips about someone else being a gossiper.

8. Lohabitat - Lindsay Lohan's rehab compound.

9. One-size-fits-most -
thanks to the ever-increasing girth of human beings, "most" has replaced "all."

10. Prooftweeter
- one who reads tweets before he or she posts them.

11. Respectacles
- glasses without prescription lenses.

12. Scammy gran -
a grandmother who rips off people; the opposite of a granny scam.

13. Snoozinducin' -

14. Twitterbox -
a case to hold all of your tweets. Dawna Friesen has one!


  1. Dweet - portmanteau of "drunk" and "tweet." Google has drunk email-proofed itself, I wonder when Twitter will?


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