Monday, November 29, 2010

The 10 creepiest designs of 2010

1. The cover of George W. Bush and His Family Paper Dolls. Please tell me that it comes with matches.

2. My student's rocket-ship design with a funny chimp in the front window and a creepy chimp in the back window.

3. The lovely couple about to welcome you - or is that burn you for witchcraft? - at the Saskatchewan German Club.

4. The ultimate dude with the Ultimate Warrior jacket.

5. The new Devo mask - glasses optional. The energy domes were a long, long time ago.

6. The wiener mascot at Dingo's on Corydon. Get that wiener some pants! No condiments jokes, please. Etc.

7.  My friend's wedding cake. The groom commits suicide as the bride marries her dogs. I assume.

8. The racially charged Side Kicks campaign. "Almost everyone's" creeped out by it.

9. The HMV "read" poster mashup; a nightmarish collage of hellish images and suspenders.

10. The Flaming Lips' concert. Why is the stage looking at me?


  1. When I we went to Toadhall Toys to do research for our radio ads, someone suggested a CreComm paperdolls as an IPP

  2. I think I had the Ultimate Warrior backpack when I was 10. Or it could have been Macho Man Randy Savage.


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