Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The 10 greatest designs of 2010 (plus two)

1. Mall parking-lot stencil. Right side up: baby parking. Upside down: smoking Mickey Mouse.

2. The glowing, spiky balls of doom and pleasure, Lollapalooza.

3. The Flip Camera packaging that says, "Hug me!"

4. The iPad. I understand that it's beautiful.

5. The Bay's "part with your money here" floor stencil:

6. My friend's Pittsburgh Penguins' wedding ring. He and Crosby have never been happier together.

7. The Sunday dessert buffet at Shaw's Crab House, Chicago.

8. Berns & Black window treatment,  Main Street.

9. Tiffany Lachuta's CreCommedy Night poster

10. Gate Arm is Clos-ouch!, Chicago.

11. Mood-board collages, Advertising majors, Creative Communications

12. My own, personal logo I drew in the Glow Draw app. In case you were wondering: those are bad-ass flames shooting from the top of my initials. And, yes, I'm taking pre-orders for the T-shirts.


  1. Bad-ass flames in reference to BriteBites?

  2. I am honoured to be on this list. I do believe that any balls that produce both pain & pleasure would trump me on a list any day.

  3. The Berns & Black window treatment is exquisite, but I walked past it a hundred times before I found out I could get my hair cut there. Maybe they aren't looking for foot traffic, though.


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