Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tweeting live: the 2010 IPPs

Live from the tweetpit: it's the IPPs.

Starting tomorrow morning at 9 a.m., this Tweetwally wall will (say fast, 10 times) spring to life with the sound of happy tweeters, reporting live from the Independent Professional Projects 2010.

Of course, you're also invited to attend the presentations in person, this Wednesday to Friday, March 10 to 12 at the Park Theatre. Everyone is invited to attend, and admission is free.

About the IPP

The IPP is a year-long course in Creative Communications at Red River College in which students develop an original and meaningful project that they propose, complete, and market in order to graduate.

This week, students make 10-minute presentations on the outcome of their work. Projects are promotional, creative, documentary- and research-based and in the form of video, audio, print, performance, new media, etc, etc, etc.

Our tweeters in arms

And, for the first time ever, we will have these first-year students tweeting live from the tweetpit at the big event (hashtag #ipp10):


(Right) Jeff and Jasmine...get set...tweet, tweet like the wind!


  1. I think I really make that picture.

    I'm very excited for the #ipp10 presentations. I can't wait to see what everyone has done.

  2. What an awesome idea!

    I wish I had an iPhone/Blackberry to see the updates.. almost makes me want to stay home so that I can experience it "live"

  3. o jeff. without me in the pic, it would be boring!
    I look forward to live tweeting at the event :)


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