Friday, March 5, 2010

IPP presentations next Wednesday to Friday at the Park Theatre

Legend has it that CreComm students past, present, and future cower in fear every time someone mentions the letters "IPP" on planet Earth.

Find out why at the Independent Professional Project presentations next Wednesday to Friday, March 10 to 12 at the Park Theatre.

Everyone is invited to attend, and admission is the low, low price of free.

About the IPP

The IPP is a year-long course in Creative Communications at Red River College in which students develop an original and meaningful project that they propose, complete, and market in order to graduate.

Next week, students make 10-minute presentations on the outcome of their work. Projects are promotional, creative, documentary- and research-based and in the form of video, audio, print, performance, new media – and more!

IPP, tweet, repeat

And, for the first time ever, we will have first-year students tweeting live from the big event (hashtag #ipp10). The Tweetwally link of their reports will be embedded here on my blog and on this site.

This year's program:

IPP Program 4

See you at the big event!

I'll be the guy tearing up at the very sight of the second-year students almost-last hurrah at RRC. Sniff, sniff.


  1. Kenton's not lying about the crying.

  2. I hope I can get out this year to see a few IPPs.

  3. Please do! Free espresso to any members of the blue jacket gang in attendance.

  4. Saw the ad in the Freep and attended the IPP presentations the last two days. Absolutely loved it! Especially Calamity Jane, anything Amanda Lefley did, and Disco Disco. I've always been intrigued by CreCom. Should have taken it in the fall of 1980 after graduating high school, but had no motivation for media in the '70s as a broadcaster then was an old man in a suit like Ray Torgrod doing intellectual news young people can't relate to and there were only two channels. I'd rather take CreCom now with all the things we have today, anyway. (But I have to work full-time to make a living!) I so wanted to be friends and classmates with all those like-minded people I saw doing those IPPs! Well, I did good with the TV show I hosted, even if I can't seem to parlay that into "real" broadcasting. Check it out at and video at


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