Saturday, March 6, 2010

Three new affronts to decency, good taste, and advertising everywhere

1. John Lennon for Citro├źn DS-3 (European TV spot):

"Baby you can't drive my car."

So, Lennon tells us we shouldn't look backward for inspiration and...the ad looks backward for inspiration? "How is that rock and roll?"

2. Solid Gold Winnipeg (Winnipeg Sun - thanks to Jeff for the tip!):

This clinches it: I'm having my next divorce party at Solid Gold Winnipeg! But do I first have to buy and wear these one-piece panties in order to party them off, like the ad suggests?

3. Alice in Wonderland on yesterday's front page of the Los Angeles Times:

Johnny Depp crashes the front page in typically, wacky fashion. Behind him: actual articles about health care and an Afghan insurgent. Tasteful!


  1. I would argue that the ad for Solid Gold, though tasteless, is appropriate for its target audience. It *is* a strip club, is it not?

  2. No, it's a "niteclub."

    I'll check it out this week and will get back to you. Har, har.

  3. Getting divorced is the new thing for 2010! (I'm getting married this year just so I can get divorced!!)

    See you all at Solid Gold!!

    Yes, I am as tacky as the Solid Gold ad, if not more!!


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