Saturday, July 25, 2009

The mystery meter at Red River College's downtown campus

INTERACTIVE MAP: Winnipeg's most-ticketed parking meters - Winnipeg Free Press

Don't follow leaders, watch the parking meters. OK, Bob.

The Winnipeg Free Press has an interactive map of the most-ticketed parking meters in the city in today's edition.

Number 16 on the list at 414 tickets is close to Red River College on the East side of Princess between Elgin and William.

I'm not familiar with a meter on this side of the college - isn't that the bus stop? I wonder if it isn't just cars that are parked or stopped illegally in the bus zone, or is the map just outright wrong? It certainly doesn't show up in this picture in the Uniter, taken by CreComm grad Mark Reimer.

Any ideas?

On a related note, I've paid my fair share of tickets this year parking on Adelaide Street between William and Bannatyne; the main culprit has been those awesome "new meters," which don't allow you to plug them one second before 9 a.m. My classes start at 9 a.m. on the nose. So, my choice is to arrive late to teach or take my chances with getting a ticket.

How about a 15-minute window to "pre-plug" the meter before 9 a.m.? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?


  1. There's parking on the south side of Princess, so I'd figure it's one of those.

    But those new meters are terrible. My dad and I were running a little late for the Moose game on New Year's Eve, and we had to walk a couple blocks to find a meter that was working because they had all frozen up!

  2. I noticed that the Health Sciences Centre meters are among the most ticketed.

    I parked there earlier this year: two meters were frozen and everyone was too afraid to park by them. I put the big "Meter is broken" sign in my window and - you guessed it - got a ticket anyway. Pieces of junk!

  3. Yeah, all those new style meters seem to be pretty undependable. I just gave up and avoid them at all costs.

    The meters being referred to are on the East side of Princess at the Public Safety Building. The picture was taken from the meter's position. People probably get ticketed there so often because the meter maids just have to walk out their door to find illegally parked people- no doubt paying or protesting parking tickets inside.


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