Thursday, July 9, 2009

The 15 creepiest vintage print-ad treatments

Not print, but creepy nontheless:
Anacin has been helping abusive dads relax since the early 50s.
Try some today!

Creepy sells.

At least it seemed to work early on, as told by Retro Comedy's 15 creepiest vintage ads of all time.

The list is all print treatments, but must be seen to be believed.

Highlights include a Lysol ad that suggests women should douche with Lysol, lest they be locked out of the bedroom; a Daisy gun ad that provides a new, nightmarish take the storyline for A Christmas Story; a Lane Bryant ad that promises a free fashion book for "chubbies;" and an ad that tries to sell us a postage meter by asking, "Is it always illegal to kill a woman?"

Ah, the good-old days: they were terrible.

Update: Dan Vadeboncoeur tips us off to the Consumerist's top 10 ironic ads from history.

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  1. Here's something that got circulated around my work the other day:

    You may have to cut and paste, I don't think links work in comments. My favorite is the one on Asbestos!


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