Saturday, July 11, 2009

Brüno gives Duet PR a double whammy

Irony, meet Duet PR.

The Los Angeles-based PR firm, which bills itself as having the "talent and energy to generate positive media attention" is featured in the new Brüno movie where - you guessed it - its owners show themselves to have the talent and energy to look like complete morons on camera (even though they were openly filmed, paid in cash, and asked to sign a waiver).

In the film, Brüno consults the firm's principals, identical twins Nicole and Suzie DeFosset, to see what trendy charity he should support to become famous. Like a female Dumb and Dumber, the two take the bait; they suggest he look into Darfur, though they're unable to locate it on a map or, apparently, even pronounce it.

Half of the fun of seeing Brüno is being surprised by his shenanigans, so I won't go any further, other than to say that I'm happy that the DeFosset sisters' suffering is over, and that I'll never have to hire them or their firm to do anything ever.

BlackBook interviews the sisters about their Brüno appearance here, where they admit that they'd heard of Borat and Ali G, but not Brüno:
"Yeah, we obviously know who he is—we know Ali G and we know Borat, we’re huge fans. But Brüno, we didn’t recognize him at all. But after two minutes talking to him, we definitely realized that it wasn’t a real business meeting. We were definitely suspicious because he was asking ridiculously funny questions and we were on camera.

"It actually took us almost 11 months (to find out) and it was pretty surreal for us because a friend sent us a message, and he was like, you girls are in Brüno, did you know that? And we didn’t think anything of it. We were like, what’s Brüno? And he was like, It’s Sacha Baron Cohen’s new movie. And we were like, what? And then we saw the TV promos, and we were in the highlights, and we’re like oh, it’s official, we’re in the movie now."

The good news is for the firm: the film is hilarious; I had tears of joy running down my cheeks, and after the film's grand finale and piece de resistance, it's not likely that anyone will remember much about those PR goofballs earlier in the film.

But c'mon: a PR firm should, like, totally know better.


  1. Like, I just totally saw this part of the movie. Seriously, I had to google to see if they were REAL.
    As a marketing professional, I'm dumbfounded as to how they own a LA business that apparently serves ANY clientele. I'm hopping my butt on a plane to start a firm in Cali.
    Like, totally.

  2. Obviously there is daddy money behind this "firm." There can simply be no other explanation that such simple minded twits could run a company. Then again, it's PR for Hollywood and not like a real business. That one of them actually went to the University of Michigan is truly embarrassing for such an outstanding educational institution. However, maybe this goes to show how their admission process has slipped in recent years.


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