Sunday, April 3, 2011

Eleven new words to help you express yourself

Madonna: she was born this way.

Do you believe in love? Because I've got something to say about it - in 11 new words: 
  • Drunkle - Everyone has a drunk uncle. Let's cut to the chase and get to the great story you have about him.
  • Ex-concept - A formerly promising idea that turned out to be bad and is now doing time behind bars. 
  • Hairrible - Bad hair day. 
  • Jersday - Thursday, the day that you watch Jersey Shore. And one day before Friday, Friday - gettin' down on Friday! Partyin', partyin' - yeah!
  • Peanutbuttercupfingers - The automatic nickname for a person who drops something.  
  • Sadbandoned - Lonely and not lovin' it. 
  • Smellent -  Stinky and repellent.
  • Tipsy Turvey - The way a drunk walks. 
  • Tradigital - Back in the good ol' days, when the Internet was born.  
  • Zitto - A zit on the same spot on both sides of your face.

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