Friday, April 22, 2011

What's happenin' in Chicago when we're there?

What isn't happenin' in Chicago while we're there?

Some other cool stuff, should you be looking to add to the itinerary (below):

Tuesday, May 3
Dobie Maxwell (comic)
White Sox versus Twins
Midwest Independent Film Festival

Wednesday, May 4
Jay and Silent Bob
Dobie Maxwell
White Sox versus Twins
Manchester Orchestra

Thursday, May 5
Of Montreal
Ted Leo
Gibert Gottfried
Auditorium Theatre Historic Tour

Friday, May 6
Afrika Bambaattaa
Colin Hay
Neil Young
Cubs versus the Reds
First Fridays: Bubbles at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago
Cinco de Mayo Festival

Next to Normal (Broadway show)
A Friend Called Fire (local band)
Blue Man Goup
Million Dollar Quartet (Broadway show)
Working (Broadway show)
Cirque Eloize iD 
Boat tours

Itinerary - now with more info!
Chicago Trip


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  2. Sorry, that was supposed to be me!!! - Thursday at the Mid- Dj A-Trak (Kanye's touring DJ) and Kid Sister (girly electro rap)

    Dance part!!!


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