Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Extry! Extry! RRC students launch ePubs for iPad

 These are a few of my favorite ePubs.

 The ePubs have landed.

You can download them onto your iPad for free by clicking the links at the bottom of this post (instructions included!).

Red River College's CreComm advertising majors and second-year Graphic Design students have spent the better part of the school year working to write, design, program, and publish these interactive magazines (or ePubs) for the Adobe Viewer app on iPad.

The ePubs are targeted at college-aged students, include motion graphics and video, and feature ads for RRC and Berns and Black Salon and Spa (this semester's advertising client).

We're special! We believe that Red River College is the only educational institution in Canada with students producing interactive magazines for the iPad. So let's get on that RRC app already! OK, I'm calm. Let's continue.

The ePub project was funded by an award from RRC's Program Innovation Fund, which is designed to support technological innovation and continuous improvements in academic programming at RRC. I applied for it last year, and I thank them for giving it to me. They rule.

How to download your free ePubs

The ePubs are available for download by anyone with an iPad and the Adobe Viewer app. To download yours, simply follow these instructions:

1. Download the free Adobe Viewer app onto your iPad, as you would any app.

2. Click on the links on this blog post, below, and save the ePub files on your computer desktop.

3. Plug your iPad into your computer and launch iTunes.

4. Click on the iPad icon on the iTunes navigation bar on the left side of the iTunes screen.

5. Select "apps" near the top of the screen. You should now be looking at a menu of all of the apps you've downloaded onto your iPad. Page down below them, and you'll see the File Sharing menu.

6. Click on the Adobe Viewer app icon under File Sharing.

7. Drag your ePub files from your desktop into the Documents window under File Sharing.

8. Sync your iPad by pressing the Sync button near the bottom of the iTunes screen. Detach your iPad, select the Adobe Viewer app, and you're ready to enjoy...

Download away!
Some of these apps are awaiting the final proofread, design, and programming; I'll post updates as they become available.


  1. Cool! I wish this had started in our year. Why are there are two issues of every pub?

  2. There are six of each - these are just 10 samples. More designers than CreComm students!


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