Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The three questions I ask the MTS telemarketer

When MTS telemarketers call me to up-sell, I ask them these questions three:

1. Why do employees get first crack at concert tickets, but not customers?
2. Why does a proud Manitoba company farm out its advertising to Vancouver?
3. Isn't it time to kill Morty the Bison?

It's a rollicking conversation; so rollicking that the MTS telemarketer who last called me closed the conversation by saying, "Well, I have to go now..." Was it something I said?


  1. Shame on MTS!

    I mean, Manitoba isn't even the Bison capital of the world or anything. Why are they using a silly Bison?

    Since Winnipeg was designated Polar Bear capital of the world, the LEAST they could do is kill off lame old Morty and bring in some world-class polar bears. We could even immortalize our own Debby! (May she rip...)

  2. That's another story.

    SHAW webmail: the only kind in Canada that doesn't work with iPad. Boo.


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