Saturday, February 13, 2010

We're all behind you: now bend over!

Intentionally cheeky or ass backward?

1. Let's say there's a sport in which the participants spend a majority of their time bent over.

2. Now let's say that you're a copywriter who has to come up with a themeline because your company is sponsoring a famous athlete in that sport.

Wouldn't you giggle just a little when you floated "We're all behind you!," matched it with a photo of that athlete bent over, and it actually got the green light?


  1. I never looked at it that way (and maybe that's why I'm not an ad major!) Funny!

  2. This would most likely be by MTS's AOR, Cossette. AKA, Canada's largest ad agency. Just sayin'.

  3. God.

    I hope her 14th place position today is enough to guarantee that I never have to see another one of her badly acted ad's on TV again.

    And that is not her fault either, she's an amazingly talented athlete, not an actress. MTS and their agency partner should have looked for other ways to leverage their sponsorship of her.

  4. Not a campaign befitting a star athlete, but what are you gonna do?


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